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Stinging Nettle Essence Lactone Shampoo Lc.10.02.014 Shampoo

Stinging Nettle Essence Lactone SHAMPOO

It regulates the level of hair Ph, protects it against external factors and gives resistance. It will control the oil of hair.

Sarmsak Özlü Lactone Shampoo Lc.10.02.013 Shampoo

Sarımsak Özlü Lactone SHAMPOO

It prevents hair loss and dandruff formation when used regularly. The miraculous effect of the garlic provides hair with vitality and resistance.

Olive Oil Essence Lactone Shampoo Lc.10.02.015 Shampoo

Olive Oil Essence Lactone SHAMPOO

It helps to repair worn out hair and cleans your hair delicately. It provides moisture balance for the dry and dull hair and strengths your hair.

Daphne Essence Lactone Shampoo Lc.10.02.011 Shampoo

Daphne Essence Lactone SHAMPOO

E vitamins and minerals feed the hair from the root to the tip and repairs the fractures of the hair ends. It nourishes the thin hair to make it l...

Daisy Essence Lactone Shampoo Lc.10.02.010 Shampoo

Daisy Essence Lactone SHAMPOO

It strengthens weak hair with Flavonoid and Matricyne and gives the hair shine and soft look. It protects your hair against bad environmental fact...

Argan Essence Lactone Shampoo Lc.10.02.012 Shampoo

Argan Essence Lactone SHAMPOO

It combats the damage of dry and worn hair, cleans hair and hair skin and allows them to breathe. While it helps to repair the hair, it protects i...