L'ACTONE Cosmetics, which set out in 2015 with the aim of bringing personal care products to Turkish consumers with its innovative structure and offering quality products in line with the needs of the consumer in the market, aims to raise the standards in the cosmetics sector with its modern production and marketing approach.

Throughout our journey, we are expanding our communication network by continuing sales and investments in many countries such as Turkey, Italy, Poland and Russia, with local elements.

L'ACTONE Cosmetics, which performs the production and delivery stages by adhering to completely natural ingredients for our customers by combining the developing technology with the power of nature, aims to raise the bar every day by adopting the principle of always following and applying new trends and responding to the wishes of its customers.

As L'ACTONE Kozmetik, apart from the production of skin and body care products, hair care products, hair styling sprays, sun creams, lotions and creams in the range of care products, we continue our R&D studies on many other products and projects in the personal care category. In addition to the products of our own brands, we are trying to provide the best service in line with the demands of our customers, by carefully examining and considering the criteria offered by the Ministry of Health.

'The Body's Natural Protein Source' Collagen '

Do you know the benefits of collagen, which has been mentioned most recently in the cosmetics industry? This protein, which is one of the building blocks of the body, regardless of men or women, is seen as one of the most important factors in repairing skin tissues. The collagen, which is intensely secreted until a certain age, slows down over time and its production in the body decreases. In this case, it is necessary to use supplements for the skin.

'The Best for Skin L'ACTONE Marine Collagen Cream'

When it comes to collagen, the first thing that comes to mind is the skin. L'ACTONE Marina Collagen cream makes your skin look brighter, flexible and younger, thanks to the glyceryl streat substance in its content. When you use this collagen depot face cream that you can apply to clean skin in the morning and evening, you will notice that your skin wrinkles are reduced, your skin is tightened compared to the past, and your skin becomes smoother by eliminating blemishes.

'It Is Now Easy To Have Healthy Hair'

Who wouldn't want to have more voluminous, shiny and flawless hair?

Hair loss is one of the common problems of many people nowadays for different reasons. This problem can be a harbinger of a health problem or may occur for different reasons. In addition, polluted air, the difficulties of daily life and weather conditions can cause hair to wear out. L’ACTONE hair products are waiting for you on our site to regain the moisture your hair lost and have a professional care experience at home.

'Protect Your Skin All Day'

With the approach of the summer season, the sun, which increases its effect every day, has many benefits for our health. On the other hand, too much exposure to sunlight can cause skin stains. The most widely used and known precaution to protect our skin from the sun are protective creams. L'ACTONE Protective Sun Spray protects your skin from harmful sun rays all day long and keeps it moist for a long time thanks to its soothing complexes. With its light and non-greasy texture, it leaves no traces on the skin, absorbs quickly and does not cause shine.

'New Trend in Blush Fashion' L'ACTONE Blusher'

Undoubtedly, the blushes we use to give vitality to the skin while making makeup are indispensable for us women. For this reason, it is necessary to know and apply some tricks when choosing and using blush. Choosing the right blush to match the skin and hair color makes the skin look more vivid and the make-up is completed correctly. L’ACTONE Blusher, one of the saviors of hot summer days, is applied directly on the skin without foundation and concealer, providing a pleasant and natural appearance.

'Feel Better with L'ACTONE High Man'

L'ACTONE High Man, which is used for the prevention of constipation, common cold and many diseases, thanks to its three different components it contains, the coenzyme produced by the body naturally serves a functional role in the growth of cells, protection from damage and energy production. In addition to all these, Glutathione, thanks to its molecule, plays an important role in increasing the feeling of satiety, controlling appetite, and improving cardiovascular health.

'Reinforcing Power L'ACTONE LIFE Vitamin C'

Increasing viruses and bacteria during seasonal changes caused an increase in upper respiratory diseases. In order to prevent these diseases, which can have serious consequences if precautions are not taken, the immune system must be strong. L'ACTONE Aronia is a powerful antioxidant thanks to the nutrients of black elderberry and vitamin C in its content. This tablet, which neutralizes viruses and infections in the body in a short time, fights inflammation and infections.

'Cologne Against Coronavirus'

In the Covid-19 epidemic affecting the whole world, one of the most important factors of virus protection was hygiene. Interest in cologne, which is one of the most important parts of our guest hospitality rituals, gradually increased in this period. L'ACTONE lemon-based cologne not only provides hygiene, but also makes you feel more refreshed and relaxed all day long, thanks to its ingredients.
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